Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

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There's nothing worse than a poorly designed kitchen, particularly when it comes to ill conceived cabinet layouts and lack of appropriate storage areas. They can make cooking more difficult and organizing nearly impossible. You're, however, not stuck with the cabinets your home came with, or cheaply mass produced ones. I can design your custom kitchen cabinetry around the space, appliances, and your personal style.

Here at BLM Jr Custom Furniture LLC, I have years of experience designing, building, and installing custom kitchen cabinetry in the Hanover and surrounding areas. This experience allows me to fully design the perfect kitchen around the available area, current appliances, and personal wishes. There are a number of benefits to using hand made and high quality custom kitchen cabinetry instead of mass produced ones, such as:

• They can be designed around current space.
• You can customize everything, even the type of wood used.
• You can get the organization you need and want.
• Your personality will be better reflected.

When it comes to designing your custom kitchen cabinetry, I'll work with you to ensure you get the cabinets you want and I hand draw the blueprints for your approval before I begin working on building them. This allows you to get a good idea of what they'll look like, and the features you're getting.

For more information on how custom kitchen cabinetry can benefit your home, or to request your free consultation, please give me a call today or send me your questions via e-mail. I proudly build cabinets for my friends and neighbors in the Hanover and the surrounding areas and everything is hand made to feel at home.

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