Custom Furniture

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Custom Furniture

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Custom furniture is one of the best ways to add more personality to your home. You're able to design each item according to your unique tastes and desires. Not only do they represent your style, but they also can be designed around awkward home features or unconventional uses. Here at BLM Jr Custom Furniture LLC, I specialize in designing and building furniture around my customers' needs.

You have the option of picking from my extensive design portfolio or creating a design from the ground up. I have the skills, experience, and tools to create any type of furniture from children's doll houses, to secure but beautiful gun cabinets, and everything in between.

Using my twenty plus years of experience, I'm able to create a number of styles with both hard and soft wood, as well as several finishing options such as, stain, paint, wax, and more. My custom furniture also looks beautiful unfinished. I believe in providing high quality, durable, and beautiful hand made furniture with outstanding customer service.

Everything is hand made, not mass produced and before I begin construction on an item, I draw up the blueprints so you can see what you're getting beforehand. I take great pride in the quality of the work I do and only let the highest quality workmanship leave my shop. I believe that everyone should have custom furniture because everyone is unique in their personality and tastes.

For more information on my custom furniture or to request a free consultation, please give me a call or send your inquiry through my online form. I proudly provide hand made furniture to my home town of Hanover and the surrounding areas.

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