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Carpentry, particularly that of furniture, is an art form. One that I, Bruce L. Martin Jr., have spent more than twenty years learning and perfecting. I'm proud to offer my home town of Hanover, high quality, durable, hand made and custom designed furniture, kitchen cabinets, and more. Here at BLM Jr Custom Furniture LLC, I hand draw and hand make each item and can customize each piece to meet your needs.

I have experience working with both hard and soft woods as well as a number of finishing options. Not only can you customize the type of wood and finish of your furniture or cabinets, but I can work with you to design an item that is completely unique to your desires. The first consultation is free and you'll have the opportunity to approve the blueprints for your furniture before I begin building it.

For more information on the types of handmade furniture I offer in the Hanover and surrounding areas, please give me a call or send me a message through my online contact form.

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