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Custom Furniture

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Custom furniture is one of the best ways to add more personality to your home. You're able to design each item according to your unique tastes and...

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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

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There's nothing worse than a poorly designed kitchen, particularly when it comes to ill conceived cabinet layouts and lack of appropriate storage areas...

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Unfinished Furniture

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Here at BLM Jr Custom Furniture LLC, I proudly offer a wide selection of custom made unfinished furniture. If one of my designs doesn't jump out at you...

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Welcome To BLM Jr Custom Furniture LLC

When your personal tastes and styles don't match up with mass produced furniture, or you want beautifully crafted items that've designed to last a lifetime, ordering custom made furniture is your best option. Here at BLM Jr Custom Furniture LLC, I hand design and build every item around the visions of my customers.

Every item I make is available in a number of woods and finishes, including unfinished, allowing for a greater range of customization. Because each item is blue printed before hand, my customers have the option of picking a style from my portfolio and customizing it to fit their needs. I can also work with you to design a project based on your ideas, offering you a completely unique item.

I have more than twenty years of experience hand crafting a number of types of wooden furniture, including:

• Children's furniture
• Custom cabinets
• Tables
• Chairs, benches, and stools
• Hutches
• Desks
• Chests
• Kitchen islands
• Sewing cabinets
• Entertainment centers
• Shelving
• And more

I'm pleased to offer high quality furniture that's built to last a lifetime to my neighbors in Hanover and the surrounding areas. Everything is handmade, not mass produced and I can customize any design to meet your unique needs and tastes. Your first consultation is free and you'll see the custom blue prints before I start construction so you'll know what you'll be getting.

I've been proudly providing hand made furniture in the Hanover area for more than twenty years. For more information on my custom made furniture or to schedule your free consultation, please give me a call or send me a message through my online form.

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